Friday, August 12, 2011

Will the offensive line be ready for LSU?

Special Guest Post by Rusty Ryan

[Editor's note: Rusty Ryan is the writer and creator of, a hip, smartly-written fan blog that covers entertainment, culture and Oregon football. Check out his post comparing the evolution of the Oregon system, "Oregon's Moneyball Approach to Football."]

For some people, outcomes aren’t a matter of if, but when.  Everyone knew Peyton Manning was going to win a Super Bowl, people just didn’t know when.  Everyone knew the Miami Heat were going to lose in the playoffs, it was just a matter of when.  Just like everyone knows some random semi-celebrity, who is famous for being famous (and bats**t crazy (Amy Winehouse)) in a generation where that actually means something to people, will die at 27 and people will join them, incorrectly, in the same group as talented musicians like Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobaine because they too died at 27.

Everything is inevitable, just like the Oregon offensive line and rushing attack being more dominant on land than Sherman in the Civil War on his march to the sea.  But will the O-line be ready in time to give Oregon the hole shot for a second national title run?  I’m not worried about Oregon being a special team.  Oregon currently has 2/1 odds on winning the first PAC-12, to me that’s way too low, that’s a steal (Stanford is 3/1).  In the greater scheme of things I think us Oregon fans need to remember that the greatest prize is a trip to the Rose Bowl, and anything greater than that is gravy.

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