Sunday, August 21, 2011

Let's deal in a hypothetical

Let's say that last February LaMichael James car breaks down, and frustrated over the month-to-month existence over a college football player on scholarship, he decides to declare for the NFL draft. The evaluation tells him he'll go in the second or third round coming out after three years. He consults with Gary Campbell and Coach Kelly and decides to go for it. In April, Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks trade up to get him at #30 at the end the first round. James had made quite an impression on Carroll in college, and the two-time NFL coach tells the press, "We think LaMichael can be a star at the next level. We're fired up about him."

James gets to work in the training room and when the lockout is settled, drives his brand-new Mercedes Benz to Seattle's practice headquarters in Kirkland. He's fired up too, and runs for 85 yards and a touchdown in the Seahawks exhibition opener. Catches a pass out of the backfield and turns that into a 25-yard gain and a key first down in a scoring drive. The Benz is a green, custom painted to shine like an Oregon helmet.

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