Monday, August 1, 2011

Minute to Win It: Colorado

This 14-week game show has everything: intense physical challenges, fabulous beat-the-clock finishes, pretty girls and an engaging host. PAC-12 football will be a primetime smash in its inaugural season with Gus Johnson at the mike.

Each team in the PAC-12 has its story of heart and courage, and each will face a critical test early in the season, something like stacking 12 toy footballs on top of each other in a vase meant for a dozen roses, only more physical. Here's a look at the stories, and those early moments of glory and mayhem for big cash and prizes in the conference of champions:

The Colorado Buffaloes
Oregon and Colorado go way back. The Ducks were an occasional victim in the years of the suffering, and Rick Neuheisel's Buffalo teams thumped them in a Cotton and an Aloha Bowl in the '90s. The Webfoots did get a sweet revenge (and a 6-6 tie in the overall series) with a 38-16 pasting of the Buffs in the 2002 Fiesta Bowl, a game that gave Oregon the number two ranking in the country. That was the game of Joey Harrington-to-Samie Parker for 80, and Mo Morris' remarkable 49-yard touchdown run across the back of a Colorado defender.

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